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United States

            Story will follow around a classic looking wizard (EM wizard)(my reinvented wiz, no lame "magic"-pointy round brim hat , long robe and beard tho)(wiz is the pinnacle of scientists) and young boy (Waif) around a strange (overgrown post-apocalyptic feel) planet plentifully full of fascinating flora and fantastic fauna described in xtended detail; some at length and some will be an encyclopedic 2 page spread (imagine Zoobooks). It will be like an encyclopedia with the flow of a story, in fact I have coined a nice term for the new type of graphic novel it will be: “Enfauxpedia”.

                        Wiz fulcrums e- (energy)(electrons, so essentially everything),  accessing objects' e- fields and manipulating at will :  A) manipulating Charge = e- arcing by raising +/- (charge) of one obj. and lowering +/- of another obj.     B) manipulating Gravity = orbiting smaller objs. Around larger objs.    -or- amass matter into useful densities ; the Succor Bolus and Adminicle Nimbus (helpful ball and cloud)           C) manipulating Molecular Vibration = temperature control, heat and cool objs. but also larger volumes and relation to pressure manip.  Wielding control of these natural forces the Wiz’s power holds no bound, his “soul” (electrical instruction) can be ‘saved’ in the planet’s magnetosphere where it retains force manipulation and the ability to ’load’ into an appropriate vessel. These manipulations will occur on many scales of xistence, "From Atoms to Atmos" (atmosphere) {a possible title}, and eventually beyond.  From manipulating DNA to creating a micro sun, the Wiz’s abilities are limited to imagination.  Linking e-fields together = greater range and power.  Amass a pile of brush, extricate H2O, vibrate molecules until combustion, amass reactive gases (O2) = xplosion.  Continue research and development of new DNA strains, find and manip. DNA (modifies the molecular code (genetics) and xecution of life) according to ancient protocol, saved within the Wiz’s genes, e-cells, advanced e-circulating nucleus orbits molecules to control organelles directly (like a giant Rubik’s sphere).  etc

  This whole planet we illustrate as wiz travels and reflects about old days, (which will reference the epoch (time period) of wiz coming to be -also is video game setting) the whole time divulging more and more info about the planet itself, like its purpose, besides harboring life, where it came from- it’s pre-solar system history, how the planet got it’s debris ring (in orbit) and the wiz's role on this planet.  Reader will see some subtle similarities to Earth but so much difference they will deny it’s association with Sol (Earth’s sun, in turn it’s solar system), until the End.

            Wonderful unique landscapes like obsidian canyon- where a river has carved out sharp passages through massive sheet of obsidian - massive mudwall is area of huge sun baked and cracked mudfield - up to space in a complex battleground of orbiting debris.  The origin of and what the boy is for, MORE….ancient battlegrounds, tectonic orders and orientations, N. and S. poles, the FauxPole (beacon to rekindle civilization after the Ripping. (origin of Debris Ring)(wiz can access the ring and drop debris of all sizes down onto enemies)  This one frozen sea area where ancient wizs (oh yeah theres more than just the one) used a huge frozen vortex to cushion the blow from a huge ‘comet’ leaving behind a massive frozen impact site with towering frozen splash towers, great buckled plates of ice staggered round the impacts frozen surface as well as bellow, large bubbles frozen in the ice are the only ‘passage’ down to the ecosystem created by the heat of this slowly cooling (formerly) errant astral body. Volcanolator, the Wiz gases into an open volcano in order to launch himself into orbit.  Orbiting molecules around a large boulder (mass sink) at high speeds to the point the mols. tear threw objs. too close (the Molecular/Atomic Chainsaw).  Etc

            So that’s the skinny on my book.  i don’t write traditionally, nor would I xpect the book to follow grammatical guidelines, one embellished thought fragment to the next arranged into sequence to resemble a structured story.  It feels bigger than me now.  It’s overwhelming.  All I do is accumulate ideas, xpound them and piece them into the story.  Don’t get me wrong, it’s a coherent story where everything fits nicely together with ‘twists’ to divulge later in the series, points in time where the story will ‘start’ and ‘end’, points in time that are much greater than the timeframe of the story,  objectives to complete and enemies to either vanquish or avoid.  A lot of reference to the story as a game, controls, button setup, the Infinite D page (infinite decision page, since wiz can process data many magnitudes faster than most orgs. he has the ability to ‘take his time’ while setting up e-fields and abilities and even just observing his surroundings), accessing e-fields and the properties associated with doing so (natural force manip.).  As if the book is a guide to the game of which isn’t even thought of to be made xcept by me.


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